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Vocabulary Vocabulary Vocabulary

It’s the most important thing for a language student to acquire and make their own. Vocabulary! It should be learned in volume and then sort out the finer details grammar later. At least that’s the conclusion that I’m at. Mnemosyne is the tool I’ve been using for about a year now to further my spanish language

Silent Night In 135 Different Languages

I was looking for an easy arrangement of silent night for some piano students when I stumbled across a site dedicated to the famous Christmas Hymn. boasts a catalog of 201 versions of the hymn in 135 different languages. I am not sure but, it may be one of the most widely translated hymns in history.

Foreign Accent Syndrome

This is certainly an unusual news story, but I stumbled across it this evening and though it was interesting and worth posting here.  Apparently after a brain injury, a Seattle area woman now speaks with what sounds like a foreign accent. On reading the article it sounds as though her speech changes at times. It’s not consistent.

Campbell’s Monkey Found To Demonstrate Use Of Syntax

This is just fascinating to me. Apparently there is a species of monkey called Campbell’s Monkey and there are 6 different calls or sounds that it makes. Researchers have discovered that by using different combinations of these sounds they can communicate different things to their peers. So for instance… the sound they’ve labeled as “krak” means a

Some Little Updates

I still don’t see making use of the blog style posts that much here. To me the main focus of this site is the resource pages that I’m working on fleshing out. I started out with a good deal of information on Learning Spanish and now I’ve dumped a lot of information that I’ve come

Welcome To My Study New Languages Site

I expect this site to follow one of the areas that I’m most interested in lately, the study of languages. I have studied Spanish, German and French over the years and am currently continuing my work in Spanish. I hope to provide many resources here to online tools, books, software as well as reviews of