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Studying More Than One Language

For years I “grazed” I had spent a couple years on Spanish in High School, a year on German in College, six months or more studying French on my own and I just listened/read/flitted back and forth between each. I wasn’t making any progress I wasn’t really trying. In fact, now that I think about

“These People Speak French….”

“In this course everybody speaks French…” French In Action. I’ve been working my way through this 52 episode video series and, having previously worked through Destinos (an Introduction to Spanish) I can’t help but ask myself why there aren’t more courses like this. I understand there are courses like this for German (Fokus Deutsch) and

My Language Learning Routine

My daily routine varies, but here’s how and when I usually try to work language learning into my schedule. In the mornings one of my first tasks is to check email and update on overnight news. While doing this I work through my vocabulary list in Mnemosyne. Currently I’m getting about 140 or so cards

Choosing A Language To Study

One of the things about the internet is that it makes almost any language available to you. It’s possible to study some of the more obscure languages from any internet connected computer. But how should you choose a language to study? I think the first language you study should be one that will be most

Is Spanish Or French Easier?

This site has some good 1st hand comparative difficulty of the more common Romance languages: French, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese. It seems as though there’s an ongoing debate over whether French or Spanish is an easier language to learn. I’ve seen and heard arguments each way. One argument is along the lines that Spanish has