Is Spanish Or French Easier?

This site has some good 1st hand comparative difficulty of the more common Romance languages: French, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese. It seems as though there’s an ongoing debate over whether French or Spanish is an easier language to learn. I’ve seen and heard arguments each way. One argument is along the lines that Spanish has easier orthography (it’s easier to learn how to pronounce a word from it’s spelling and spell from hearing it.) But, the subjunctive tense is more challenging. French pronunciation is more complicated, but once you get past that the advanced stages get simpler.

The Way I SHOULD Have Studied Spanish The Last 5 Years

Here’s what I think….

Your first foreign language is going to be the more challenging. If you choose Spanish as your second language to study you will find many challenging points to work on. The same if you choose French (they’ll be different areas, but each will be challenging.)

Your third language will give you the opportunity to see how many things are shared between the Romance languages. (I’d highly suggest moving into other Romance languages after your “first” second language.)

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