Keeping Up With SRS (Spaced Repetition Software) Vocabulary Over A Vacation

As I mentioned in the last post we just got back from a family vacation in Surfside Beach, SC. I took my computer with me although I hesitated to do so. My primary work is finding answers to computer problems for people. I didn’t want to spend the vacation doing work, answering mail, etc. But I did want to have access to google maps and I didn’t want to fall behind in Mnemosyne with my scheduled words.

I’ve talked about Mnemosyne before, it’s a SRS or Spaced Recognition Software. Currently I have over 5700 cards in my list and 1000 that I have not yet studied. I’ve even paused my reading and “word collection” until I get a little more studied.

I generally try to have a maximum of 100-120 words scheduled for the next day if possible just so it doesn’t get to be too long a stack of cards to work through. Typically as I work through the deck I will check the statistics to see how many cards are scheduled for the upcoming days and if it’s low enough I will add a few new cards/words after I’ve reviewed all the outstanding cards for the day.

I managed to keep up with maybe 20 minutes a day or so. Of course, the other school of thought is to just leave it until you get back and try to dig out gradually. I really didn’t want to come back and find 600 words scheduled for the day I started back. If I was just at the maintaining level of vocabulary I might have done that, but since I’m actively reviewing (each day) and adding words it seemed a better idea to try and keep up with the scheduled words.

I still think that software like mnemosyne is what I should have been using for the last 6 years. I am acquiring new words all the time and it seems every day that I have Spanish Language Television on, I will catch a word or two that I have JUST learned if I watch long enough.

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