General Resources

Audio Forum – they advertise that they have more than 285 courses for more than 142 languages and claim the largest selection of self instruction courses. The prices that I see are not terribly unreasonable for the various courses I’ve looked at. Many under $40 (US), a few more expensive. They also have courses for kids. (Cat in the Hat in Latin????)

Languages on the Web – good site with bilingual stories (parallel texts) for a number of languages. Volunteer driven, good variety of languages and other good resource links.

Newspaper World – Online links for newspapers from around the world. The multilingual page may be of most interest (Chinese, German, Russian, French, Spanish are highlighted here.) – media links from around the world, tv, radio, newspaper

The Language Bear – astore for language learning books and foreign language books/media.

The Quick and Dirty Guide to Learning Languages Fast gives you a template so that you can hone in on the most important and efficient way to pick up necessary vocabulary in a new language quickly. Very good for the self-taught.

Powells books foreign language section.’s Foreign Language Book Section. Forums Forums can be a good place for language practice too! Buy magazines online – digital copies of the magazines can be viewed online – several languages available. – Great resource for multiple languages. – Free Language resources, podcasts, etc.

Free Online Language Courses – detailed list of free online language courses. verb conjugator verb conjugation tool for 20+ languages. – Language Exchange and Learning Community.

Teach yourself a Foreign Language – Podcast on general language learning.

Free Foreign Language Lessons – Directory of Podcasts for various languages.

International News Sources organized by country. Great resource for print, online, news, radio and other news outlets.