Listening To Music

I thinking listening to music in the language you’re studying is a great way to learn. Not only can it help you listening to pronunciation (and if you sing along you practice your pronunciation…) but you can also pick up new vocabulary. Be sure to get access to the lyrics of the song to be sure you know what exactly you’re hearing.

I would encourage you to read along occasionally and add any words you don’t know to your deck of study words (with definitions.) Online lyric sites can be dangerous in a sense… many illegitimate sites have drive by downloads, popup ads and who knows what else… I HIGHLY recommend legit lyric sites such as or Yahoo’s Music Lyrics section. They both have paid for the right to have access to the REAL lyrics of songs. So, there are two advantages to using their sites 1) you can actually see what the REAL lyrics are, not what somebody has guessed the lyrics are. 2) they are more reputable sites and you have a lower chance of spyware/malware infections from visiting them. I think I’ve seen popup ads, but nothing worse from the above mentioned sites.

It can be difficult at first finding music to listen to in your chosen language, some languages may be more difficult than others, but try to learn the words for song, singer, lyric, music in your chosen language and that can help you in your searching.