Rosetta Project – Modern Day Rosetta Stone With 1000+ Languages

Oh…..this is such a cool idea. On a 3 inch disk (non-corroding metal – nickel according to one account.) They have engraved (microscopically etched). Writings in 1000+ languages. The text starts out large enough to read and spirals smaller giving a hint that with magnification there is more. Is there ever! 15,000 pages of text. There are translations of the first few chapters of Genesis and pages of information on each language including Swadesh lists of the 200 most common words. Reading the disk requires a 500x microscope. They are packaged as a sphere with one half being a glass magnifier and the other a steel hemisphere (if I read this correctly.)

The Rosetta project page is interesting too, much of the content is available in their archive online, but the idea behind the orb is to be a modern day Rosetta stone for people in thousands of years in the future. They have made a handful currently (lot’s of handwork) and the current price is $25,000 each. However, it appears they want to mass produce them. After all their goal is to prolifically copy them and distribute them around the world.

More pictures here.

Main Rosetta Project page here. The Rosetta Project is intent on preserving as much information as possible on currently spoken languages in the world. Due to linguistic consolidation it is feared that a LARGE number of existing world languages will be extinct by the end of this century.

Languages are really a vessel carrying the culture forward to future generation they can give unique insights into the people that speak them. It’s a good project to keep an eye on.

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